Local Corrugated Metal Roofing Services

Local Corrugated Metal Roofing Services

Get Corrugated Metal Roofing Services From Our Local Roofing Company.

The places that you would typically see with a corrugated metal roof are agricultural buildings or warehouses. But that’s a thing of the past with today’s technology advancements. You are now able to consider corrugated metal roofing in Lakeland, FL for your home, perhaps providing even a better aesthetic for your home’s exterior. While these roof systems have now been designed to be used on residential structures, there are still varieties that are better suited for commercial buildings. Out of the several types of corrugated metal roofs, you can pick from, we’ll explore U panel roofing and R panel roofing, two of the most commonly used. For more information about our metal roofing services, call us today at 863-225-2149.

U Panel Options

When it comes to traditional metal roofs, you get 29 gauge panels, and with U panel roofing, there are 26 gauge panels. These panels are more pleasing to the eye, in turn, making them highly favored when it comes to residential properties. Also, they make for an easy installation since they can be applied right over the existing roof. Bring the general look of your home or business together by choosing one of the many colors that corrugated metal roofs are available in.

R Panel Options

When it comes to R panels, they’re best known for their long-lasting characteristics and marginal maintenance. R panels can be applied on top of your shingles and can last for around 50 years. Owners of commercial properties tend to select this one because of its rugged features.

Experts in Metal Roofing

With any metal roof you decide on for your property, you will receive the general benefits including decreased maintenance costs, enhanced energy efficiency, and durability. But keep in mind, metal roofs come with a different look and feel in contrast to the conventional roofing materials. The experts at Chisholm Trail Roofing & Construction are here to answer any inquiries that you may have in regards to metal roof types. If you want to get more information or request a quote for corrugated metal roofing in Lakeland, FL, please give us a call at 863-225-2149. We are ready to give you better roofing for your home or business.