Metal Shingle Roof Repair

Metal roofing has risen in demand over recent years and there are now a variety of options available for residential roofs. Residential metal roofing now has just as many options as industrial metal roofing. Metal roof shingles have become a very popular choice because there are many options to choose from. From metal shingle tiles to metal shingle slate, you can pick out the ideal metal roofing shingles for your house. The roofing team at Chisholm Trail Roofing & Construction are knowledgeable in all types of roofing and we can help with all your metal roof repairs and installation. To make an appointment for metal roof shingles in Lakeland, FL, call our roofers at 863-225-2149 today.

Why Install Metal Roof Shingles?

Why Install Metal Roof Shingles?

Find Out Why You Should Install Metal Roof Shingles to Your Residential Roof!

Metal roofing has many advantages such as increased energy efficiency, incredible longevity, extraordinary value, and unbelievable durability. However, metal roof shingles, in particular, are so popular because they provide you different styles that bring a contemporary touch to conventional aesthetics. Residents who need the look of a wood shake roof, but with more strength and longevity, can choose a metal shake roof instead. The price tag of installing these roofing products is about the same, but metal shingles offer fire resistance and little upkeep. Metal shake roofing is only one of several options we work with, though, and we can also assist you with metal slate roofing, metal roofing tiles, and much more! Slate metal roofing is a lighter, less expensive option for homeowners who need the look of a slate roof. Regardless of what type of metal roofing shingles you need, our team is here to help!

Comprehensive Metal Roof Installation and Repair

To set up an installation or request an estimate for metal roof shingles in Tampa, FL, phone 863-225-2149. If you have inquiries, we are ready to answer them and we can help you choose your metal shingles from the wide variety of selections we have available, such as metal shingle slate, tile, and shake. Whether you need an installation or repair for your metal shingles, we are the roofers to contact. Enjoy a higher level of metal roofing by contacting our professionals at Chisholm Trail Roofing & Construction for better roofing and protection for your property.