Installation of Architectural Shingles

Installation of Architectural Shingles

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The creation of architectural shingle roofing marked a big step forward for everyday roofing. Top-tier design potential stands as a single improvement of these shingles, which are singular shingles, offering completely different styles from older asphalt shingles. Architectural shingle roofing is one of our superior, endorsed products for everyone in need of an updated roofing system.

You really can’t beat architectural shingles when it comes to effectiveness in a premium roofing system. Added durability stands as just one of the many advantages architectural shingles, also referred to as dimensional, laminate, or composite shingles, present over the usual variety. Contact us at 863-225-2149 to a find time for installation of architectural shingles in Lakeland, FL.

Architectural Shingles and Their Benefits

An architectural shingle roofing system comes with several benefits for the home and homeowner.

  • Cost: An architectural shingle roof is cheaper than other luxury choices such as cedar shake or slate shingles. Though more expensive than asphalt shingles, the architectural type has increased durability to offset the higher cost. With lessened maintenance necessities or need for replacement, an architectural shingle roofing system will offset this additional cost over the years.
  • Durability: A typical shingle roof has a single layer of material applied to the roofing system’s underlying surface. Architectural shingle roofs guard a house with several layers of hardy, refined material. While standard shingles just become rated for gusts of wind of 80 mph, the architectural kind can take gusts up to 120 mph.
  • Appearance: In addition to a variety of styles and colors, manufacturers can even create architectural shingles that provide the look of other roofing materials. An architectural shingle roof also presents fewer service necessities than typical choices.

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The pick of material for your new roof has a notable impact on the cost of installation. Greater durability and greatly-reduced service needs permit architectural shingles to compensate for their increased cost. If you would like to learn more in regards to the benefits of these shingles, contact our team whenever at 863-225-2149. Chisholm Trail Roofing & Construction stands as the premier service for architectural shingles in Lakeland, FL.