Synthetic Shingles Service

Synthetic Shingles Service

When You Want Synthetic Shingles for Your Home, Call On the Experts at Chisholm Trail Roofing and Construction!

When looking for roofing materials, you might quickly feel overwhelmed by the sheer range of choices. Different varieties of roofing possess their positives and negatives, and we make it our goal at Chisholm Trail Roofing & Construction to ensure that all clients grasp the options before them. The availability of synthetic shingle roofing has changed the roofing industry. Our array of synthetic shingle roof options ought to surely please any client, and we suggest them for almost any project.

Chisholm Trail Roofing & Construction are local roofing experts in Lakeland, FL and specialize in premium roofing. If a client invests in synthetic shingle roofing, our crew fulfills every hope with a masterful install. A good amount of a roof’s effectiveness depends on the quality of its placement. There is no reason to concern yourself in regards to the caliber of installation when you hire our master team. Contact us at your earliest convenience at 863-225-2149 to schedule a meeting or installation for synthetic shingles in Lakeland, FL.

The Advantages of Synthetic Shingles

The Advantages of Synthetic Shingles

Synthetic Shingles Have Many Advantages That Will Benefit You and Your Home.

Synthetic shingle roofing usually emulates the appearance of either slate, tile, or wood shingles. Impressive strength and a lower price supply two main advantages of synthetic shingle roofing when compared to these luxury materials. The high weather resistance of synthetic shingle roofs also saves property owners a good deal on maintenance over the lifespan of the roof. Even more beneficial aspects exist for synthetic shingles, reasons that will possibly be convincing for uncertain property owners.

  • Style and Appearance: For property owners who want a premier look for their residence, synthetic shingle roofs perform as an almost exact equivalent once situated on the roof. Chiseled-tip, standard squared-cut, or rounded shingle options combine with a huge assortment of colors to make synthetic shingles truly customizable.
  • Lightweight: With synthetic shingles, you do not need to address the weight concerns identified with ceramic and slate alternatives. Not all homes will even support the weight of slate and tile shingles, at least not without a particular project to reinforce the roof. You don’t need to worry yourself in regards to any of these issues with synthetic shingles. The lightweight additionally allows for a faster installation.
  • Durability: The sturdiness of synthetic shingles is just about unequaled. This roofing material will last for decades, thanks to their construction from slate and steel, in addition to rubber. Many years of service will not faze the visual appeal of synthetic shingles, and owners can avoid persistently outlays for maintenance.

If you need more information on the benefits of synthetic shingles in Lakeland, , give us a call at 863-225-2149.

Types of Synthetic Shingles

At Chisholm Trail Roofing & Construction, we offer synthetic shingle roofs with the appearance of three varieties of roofing: slate, tile, and wood.

  • Synthetic Slate Shingles Slate and stone shingles become convincingly emulated through synthetics. While the appearance is nearly the same, the weight differential is dramatic.
  • Synthetic Tile Shingles For a refreshed look, give consideration to synthetic tiles. Unlike their “real” analogs, these tiles will not break or crack from collisions.
  • Synthetic Wood Shingles High upkeep demands detract a bit from the charm of wood shingles. Synthetic shingles emulate wood shakes or shingles minus the required upkeep.

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