Professional Clay Tile Roof Installation

Are you shopping around for a new residential roof that will not only provide dependable resiliency, but also an improvement in curb appeal? For hundreds of years, people have fortified their homes with the durability of clay roof tiles. If you’re interested in adding value to your house, please give us a call at 863-225-2149 and ask us about our professional services for a clay tile roof in Lakeland, FL. We have years of experience in the roofing industry, and we can assist you with any and all of your premium roofing requirements!

Clay Tile Roof Benefits

Clay Tile Roof Benefits

Installing a Clay Tile Roof Will Give Homeowners and Their Homes a Ton of Benefits.

Though installing clay roof tiles can be quite costly, many homeowners still get them thanks to the extensive range of benefits they provide. As particularly resilient solutions, clay tile roofs are resistant to mold, hail, and even fire. Because they are made from sustainable materials, clay tile roofs are additionally one of the better tile roof solutions. These tiles even present a lifespan of over 8 decades in prime conditions and are generally sold with a manufacturer’s warranty of 50 years or more. Improving your curb appeal as well as your property value in one installation is yet another benefit of a clay tile roof installation. A clay tile roof can fix any of your roofing needs, from looking fantastic to providing unbeatable protection for decades to come. When you want a clay tile roof in Lakeland, FL, feel free to call the roofers at Chisholm Trail Roofing & Construction.

Ordering Clay Roof Tiles

Get your estimate for a clay tile roof today by speaking to one of our expert contractors at 863-225-2149 now! It’s no surprise that clay tile roof solutions have been the preferred long-term roof method century after century. Our roof professionals are very experienced with all kinds of residential roofing, including a clay tile roof in Lakeland, FL, so we can offer you a durable and properly-done installation whenever you are ready. Roof tiles are sold in varying designs and colors, so be sure to speak to one of our roofers to find the perfect style and color for your home.